Nathan Miller

Age, 24

Videographer, Photographer, Editor, FAA Certified Drone Pilot

I love what I do.

There is no other job I'd rather have. Film making is something that will never get old.  I've been filming weddings professionally for 3 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. There are always endless opportunities for what I do. Every wedding I am asked to film is a new adventure. I have years of experience with commercials as well. Each commercial is well thought out and produced from beginning to end.

My approach

I always keep the viewers in mind. I only make content that I would want to watch. Production includes close attention to cinematography and storytelling in the editing process.


My focus is event coverage. I use the right equipment for the job. All weddings are filmed in the best quality HD with stabilizing gear and professional audio.  As of 2017 I'm filming weddings in 4K with addition to drone footage.

Commercials and promos are always produced in the 4K quality.

Story Telling

Every wedding has a different story. I feel that it is my job to tell it exactly as it happened. Every video shows the beauty of the location, the happiness, and even the best wishes from the couple's friends and family.

Story telling is most important in my editing as a whole.

Professional Education

Over 5 years of full time wedding and real estate videography. Spent one year working with the RTV department at Palomar College. I helped produce the live TV shows Prep Sports Live and North County News every week. Additionally doing at least one wedding every month.

AA degree in Visual Arts with a certificate in Digital Video at Palomar College.